社員インタビュー:Rachel Wei

Please introduce yourself

My name is Rachel from China. Up until I was 20 years old, I've actually never lived oversea and grew up in a small town in south part of China which is relatively isolated. I believe my life is centered around exploring new challenges and my curiosity exploded once I started living in Tokyo and working with Icon.

Rather than my day to day as a recruiter, let me share with you something unique today.  

Most valuable thing I've gained:

In recruiting, you might have already heard about "big bonus" you can earn if you do well which is very true. However, for me, especially in my 20s, the most valuable thing is the network that I've built and the trust gained along the way with some of the most successful people not only in SCM/Logistics, but across many different areas of business. 

Some of them have become my mentors or even good friends outside of work. They are always generous to give me advice and share their wisdom from years of experience. 

Most satisfying moment working at Icon

For me, it's definitely winning the competition against other recruiters who have had 10 - 20 more years of experience in this field. Some of these wins are on some of the biggest cases in the market!

I was able to experience this in my 2nd year and and the satisfaction was tremendous. I remember it took me almost 5 months going through lots of ups and downs, especially at the offer negotiation stage, pushing myself to take "crazy challenges" that was really outside of my comfort zone. In the end, it was all worth it when I ended up finding out I was the youngest and least experienced recruiter in the competition!

Looking around, most members at Icon are in their 20s and early 30s. Even from the start we are trusted to handle important accounts, take risks, grow from your mistakes and own your success.

Footprint and what next?

About 2 years ago, I launched the very 1st Icon Networking Event with 20 attendees, which has become a regular event for SCM people run by our HR and by improving on ideas from the team, the event has grown to a regular 40-50 attendees! A few months ago I proposed running an employee interview for people who are curious to get an inside look at Icon. Here we are now sitting through the 2nd episode and hopefully more to come!

Our Managers are gradually implementing flex time and Researchers are currently building a new process to promote better engagement with candidates. There are many "idea men" at Icon and it's satisfying to be able to turn our ideas into reality!

Personally, what I am hoping to do next is quite bold. I've recently started a course in Machine Learning and I'm planning to automate part of the manual work in order to enable higher productivity and be able to go home early!