How did you find out about the Internship program and why did you choose Icon?

Mea: I found this internship through the APCC (Asia Pacific Career Conference) @BYU-Hawaii 
and many of my same major's senpai went to this Icon's Internship in the past and also when I heard their presentation @BYUH made me interested to have experience in here.

Chris: I found Icon-Partners through an Asia Pacific Career Conference at BYU-Hawaii this March. I have always wanted to learn more about consulting firm and how it operates. I have learned all about recruiting at school and want to see how much I could apply and experience in this company. 

What is the kind of work you were responsible for as a student intern?

Mea: Make proper Phone calls, Organize data, send emails, sourcing, write comments about SCM articles, Candidates and clients reactivation etc...

Chris: I mostly do internal edit at Icon-Partners as student intern. A lot of internal data were done by student intern, this includes making phone calls for candidates reactivation, supporting for marketing on social media, assist with a full-time consultant, and updating the data base.

What did you experience as an intern? Do you think the experiences you gained here are important for your future career?

Mea: The experiences that I received here is very variable. I have learned many things such as common sense in business, make proper phone calls, to be able to observed the software that they use, trained how to analyze the data and more. These experiences are very important for me to get future job. I am very happy to have these experience in here and it stimulate my desire for my future career. 

Chris: As a student intern, I have experienced the real office work in the real world. This is my first time working and learning in a consulting firm, it is a lot different style that what we had at school. The work load, working pace, working time, everything is different. With the Japanese culture that is blend into the company, it is more systematic and organized. 
I strongly believe that experiences are more important for my future career. When I graduate with all other graduates at the same time next year, and when everyone holds a bachelor degree, and when some graduates are graduating in some popular or well-known university compare to mine. A working experience is what set an individual apart. GPA and school grade are important, but I really don't think it truly reflects on an individual's performance. You cannot know someone well by looking at their transcript, but only through working with them together in the team. For my future career, I have a firm faith that all the experiences that I had would help me to adopt and integrate into any company easily. 

After working with the team here, what was your impression and 
do you have any specific memories with Icon Partners?

Mea: The one thing that I really liked about this company is that the atmosphere of the company is very good. The members are really nice, kind and they are all get along each other really well. It was fun to be in this company. The company changed my perspective of work,career in a good way.

Chris: After working in Icon-Partners for the past 4 weeks, my impression of Icon-Partners as a company is that even this is a small company, but it helps each member to bond closer to one and other. Everyone also works really hard each day to achieve the company desired results.
The first day of being here at the office, I saw that the company has its own beliefs which is really similar to PCC. But the between these 2 is that in PCC, not everyone apply and cherish the cultural belief. On the other hand, everyone is Icon-Partners are striving to uphold the company cultures into their work everyday. It is a organized company, everyone put up their schedule on google calendar. Thanks to Preston, Icon's HR manager to do all the paperwork and form at the back of the team to keep all documents clean and neat.  I see everyone work really hard, sometime they will even stay late for work. A lot of time they work without people seeing it. This is a company that focus a lot of the result at the end of each month, making plan and setting goals motivates employees to give their 120% to work. 
I do have specific memory with Icon-Partners. Even there are a lot of Japanese employee in the company and everyone can speak Japanese except me, but they also welcome and include me into the team. We had our first "Team Building" activity in August. When we were discussing about it in the meeting about the time and everyone availability, there was one sentence that Preston said really stood out to me. While Eva was suggesting the team to left her behind to have fun because she had a meeting right before the activity, Preston responded saying "No! This is not how it works". I felt everyone is included in the team, even us as a student intern whom will only be here for 7 weeks time. I was also invited to a lunch with some of the team members once, it was a short notice and interesting because I did not know what was going on. I never though that I could have my experience in Japan for the first time in that way. And there are much more memories that couldn't be mention all. 

From all of us here at Icon, thank you Mea and Chris for the impact you made here wth us and we expect great things for your future!