社員インタビュー:Yae Lim Park

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Yaelim, and I’m from South Korea.
I went to a Japanese college, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and started living in Tokyo after graduation.

Why did you join Icon Partners?

When I started looking into companies, there were a few things I had in mind. I wanted to join somewhere I could learn the whole process of how business works, instead of being just a part of a big wheel. Also, I wanted to use both English and Japanese on a daily basis. Lastly, I wanted to work where I can meet a lot of different people, learn from them, and get inspired. 

Considering these, I thought Icon could be something I was looking for. I can learn the whole process of the recruiting business from sourcing to handling clients. At the same time, I will be speaking with a lot of people from different backgrounds, regardless of nationality or seniority, and be able to learn how they work and view the world. And thankfully, all these things I hoped to find came true.

Most satisfying part of the job?

I feel really happy and re-charged when my candidates tell me they are thankful they got to know me and receive my support. While helping them find the right job and make the best career choice, we continuously talk and share about our life stories. Sometimes it’s small things like hobby or family, sometimes it’s our deepest concern or thoughts about the future. Through these talks, we get to communicate and understand so much. And when these people come to me and say thanks for not just finding them the job (that’s good too, of course!), but because of my support throughout their search, I feel happy and get the energy to do more! 

Most valuable experience?

The most valuable experience so far was getting to suggest new ideas from an early stage and see them implemented. I think our team is quite open and easy to talk to, even with senior members/manager of the team. Thanks to this atmosphere, even the newest members’ opinions are taken seriously, and the ideas that are suggested even end up being implemented. 
Few months after joining Icon, we had a chance to talk about what could be improved during the new member training. My colleagues (同期) and I suggested on one idea and it was actually implemented to the new member training, and later developed into a team training for entire company! It felt great to see our idea turn into reality and bring change to the team!

What are your future goals?

Working in Icon and meeting various people is a very enjoyable part of my work. People around me inspire me to do something I haven’t tried so far and challenge more. I hope I can keep learning and improving myself, and become someone who can inspire others in the long run.

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