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Why choose a career in recruiting?
What does it take to succeed as a recruiter?
Why choose Icon Partners?
What does an Icon Partners recruiter do?
What's my career path?
What sort of person are we looking for?
How can I join?

Why choose a career in recruiting?

For those with prior work experience of any sort, whether in business or otherwise, a career in recruitment in Icon Partners will give you the opportunity to leverage your existing skills and experience to achieve career growth and earnings in proportion to your ability and output, and not constrained by factors such as age, length of service, gender, nationality or other things which have no direct relationship to the results that you generate.

For new graduates just starting out in their working life, a career at Icon Partners will provide you with the basic skills, experience, training and discipline needed to allow you to reach your full potential. Recruitment, as a professional discipline, is in many ways a microcosm of the wider world of commerce. As a recruiter you will learn to identify markets, engage with potential clients and receive job mandates, consult and negotiate with multiple parties to close deals, get paid and do it again.

Learning how to structure your workload to maintain a consistent pipeline of deals and successful results is another key aspect of the job. There is a large element of sales in what we as recruiters do, but it is much more complex than simply selling one product or service to a customer. We are in the people business, that of matching job seekers to clients with hiring needs, so there are always two customers in every deal, with us playing the role of consulting match-maker in the middle. The art of finessing and balancing what are sometimes differing needs, desires, fears and expectations of multiple parties whilst maintaining a positive spirit of forward momentum is what defines a successful recruiter and indeed what makes this such a fascinating profession.

I truly believe that the skills one can learn as a recruiter will set you up for life in business or any other endeavour.
The material rewards available to successful professionals in this field are also substantial and in many cases outstanding

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What does it take to succeed as a recruiter?

At Icon Partners our four core values, which were chosen by our own employees, are in many ways indicative of what it takes to be successful:

 Inspire and wow customers
 Come what may, and love it
 Open your heart, open your mind, open your mouth
 Never give up

There's no doubt that recruiting is a tough and competitive field, so it is vital that we consistently delight our customers with excellent service and results. We must be strong enough to roll with the punches and come back with a positive mind-set. Intelligent communication, empathy, an inquiring mind and the confidence to say what needs to be said are the indispensible tools of our trade, and finally a dogged tenacity in pushing through obstacles to achieve our objectives are what we believe it takes to succeed.

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Why choose Icon Partners?

We are aware that talented people have choices in today's employment market, so we believe in providing a work environment that will give our employees not just financial rewards for excellence, but which will also be a pleasant positive optimistic place to work. To this end we are extremely selective and focus as much on personality traits as we do on core "hard" skills. The result of this is a truly diverse group of bright intelligent multi-cultural and multi-lingual people who are unified by a spirit of teamwork and mutual support. This is not simply a "survival of the toughest" environment. We look to nurture skills and grow people for long term careers with us. This of course does not mean that poor performance on the job is left unchallenged. We put our time and resources behind every employee and make every reasonable effort to give whatever training and mentoring is necessary. Here are some other key features of our company:

1) We are highly specialized with a clear market position, in logistics and supply chain management recruiting. This differentiates us from the many agencies out there with vague and indistinct value propositions. Our customers love the fact that we are specialised, and quickly come to see us as strategic partners in helping to build their HR bench-strength.

2) We are entirely structured around teamwork, sharing candidates and client accounts so that no employee is left short of opportunities while others are too overworked to satisfy the needs of their customers. At all levels our service is structured around such questions as, "what is best for the customer?" and "how can we remove unnecessary constraints from our business practices?".

3) We are committed to providing the best induction and ongoing training possible within the limit of our resources. Our performance management methodology and metrics have been developed over a decade of our company history, ensuring all employees are clear about what they need to do to succeed. We also sponsor external professional management coaching for members of our leadership team to allow them to learn the skills to mentor their own team members more effectively.

4) We invest in the best technology and infrastructure possible so that our employees always have the right tools for the job. This extends from our CRM database system through our candidate acquisition and marketing tools, IT and telephony infrastructure to our physical office space and comfortable modern furniture. We have a spacious and attractive office with all the amenities you would expect from a first rate company that cares about its employees.

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What does an Icon Partners recruiter do?

At Icon Partners we provide a range of recruitment related services from exclusive or retained search to contingency search and outsourced contracting, all within our specialized fields of logistics and supply chain management talent sourcing. The tasks you will perform and skills you will learn as an Icon Partners recruiter are extremely varied. Your job will, however, mainly revolve around the following tasks:

  • Identify and engage with new potential clients as well as work with existing clients
  • Present our company and service options to clients. Explain our terms and conditions of business and negotiate with clients to agree terms
  • Consult with clients to receive candidate search and introduction requests (mandates)
  • Clarify all particulars of search requests to gain a thorough understanding of the requirements of the role and all aspects of the clients' selection and hiring criteria. Advising clients on the availability of candidates in the market and degree of difficulty in finding them, current market salary rates, current skill and talent trends and offering any other value-added information we can to help our clients
  • Source and screen potential candidates to introduce to clients. Interview candidates to qualify them for roles and identify their career goals, needs and any other criteria affecting their selection of potential future employer. Pitch clients and roles to candidates and obtain their permission to introduce to clients
  • Manage the introduction process, including scheduling interviews, briefing and debriefing candidates before and after interviews, acting as go-between and deal-broker between clients and candidates. Assist in negotiating employment offer details and conditions, arranging start dates and assisting clients with the on-boarding process as far as necessary
  • Keep in touch with candidates during their probation period to ensure a smooth transition in to their new career, and to help clients manage potential new-hire risks

All of the above activities take place within the framework of your learning all you can, both in terms of  general business knowledge and specific knowledge related to the field of logistics and supply chain management. The development of such wide ranging knowledge is your responsibility and very much in your interests, because it will help you to enjoy greater success as a consultant.

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What's my career path?

Your career path will depend on the level at which you join us. We typically hire people at the following career-levels:

  • Intern: University students who have not yet graduated and are looking for professional work experience
  • New-graduate: Those who have recently graduated from university but do not have work experience yet. Eligible to apply for a position as an Associate Consultant or researcher (please ask for more information if interested in a researcher role)
  • Mid-career: People with prior professional work experience who are looking to make a career change in to recruitment. Can join either as an Associate Consultant, or Consultant, depending on level of experience
  • Recruiter: Experienced recruiters with a proven track record who are interested in a career in specialist logistics and supply chain management related recruitment.
    ​Can join directly at any rank, depending on skills, experience and our needs at the time. (Please feel free to consult with us in confidence)

Career paths vary, but in simple terms the following paths are most common:

  • Associate Consultant: A trainee recruitment consultant. Leaning basic recruitment skills through a combination of candidate sourcing and screening, client sourcing and providing administrative support to consultants and managers
  • Consultant: Responsible for generating revenue by introducing and placing candidates as outlined in detail above
  • Senior Consultant: Rank attained after generating a total of 30 million Yen in revenue. Continuing to work as a consultant, while taking on some additional leadership tasks and responsibilities, occasionally managing projects and assisting in training juniors. This role is for those who have earned a position of greater responsibility and seniority but who would rather continue to focus on revenue generation and consulting than on managing other people
  • Business Manager: Rank attained after generating a total of 50 million Yen in revenue. Business managers are those who have graduated from Senior Consultant rank. They are members of the company leadership team, and in addition to continuing to generate revenue they take part in company strategy creation as well as some training and project duties.
  • Team manager: Rank attained after generating a total of 50 million Yen in revenue. Team manager promotions are based on business needs and mentorship achievements. They have responsibility for hiring and training a team of consultants and building their own business unit within Icon Partners. They are members of the company leadership team and play a key role in strategy creation, training, performance management and enabling their team staff to generate revenue.
  • Senior Manager: This position is for Team Managers who have successfully grown and led a team of consultants to the point where some of those consultants are ready for promotion to management ranks. Normally a senior manager will be in charge of two or more teams.
  • In addition to the above roles, as Icon Partners continues to grow we will create other internal roles in line with our needs as a company. For loyal and capable staff there will be opportunities to move in to support or infrastructural roles from time to time. We do and will create such roles are necessary to support the strategic growth objectives of our company.

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What sort of person are we looking for?

Below is a list of the main characteristics we look for in potential recruits to Icon Partners. Previous work experience, particularly in a sales environment, is extremely welcome, but not essential. We can teach you the skills you will need to become a good recruiter, but the right personality, values and attitude are something you must bring with you . Here's how we define those things:

  • Intelligence and a large capacity to learn
  • Ambition, confidence, optimism and positive energy
  • A high E.Q. as well as a high I.Q.
  • Clear and strong communication skills (listening as well as talking)
  • English and Japanese language skills (the acceptable level depends on your other skills and experience. All our employees are bilingual or multi-lingual to at least some extent)
  • Good presentation, with attention paid to dress and personal grooming
  • Diligence, honesty and a strong work ethic
  • Willingness to go above and beyond the basic requirements of the job
  • Risk takers who are willing to get outside of their comfort zone and stretch themselves​

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How can I join?

If you are interested in applying to join Icon Partners please send an up to date copy of your resume by e mail or postal mail to our Recruiting Manager at the following address:

E mail:

Please include a brief letter explaining why you are interested in Joining Icon Partners. We accept applications in either English or Japanese. We welcome qualified applications at any time of year. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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