Introduction Campaign Terms and Conditions

Introduction Campaign Terms and Conditions

In order to qualify for Icon Partners’ Referral Reward Scheme, the following terms apply:
The “Referrer” relates to the person who is submitting their friend or colleague’s details.
The “Referee” relates to the person who is being referred by “The Referrer” for a role.

1. There is no limit to how many friends or colleagues can be referred.
2. Any person can be a referrer regardless if they are registered as a candidate at Icon Partners or not. However, referrers not yet registered with Icon Partners are required to submit contact information for basic registration in order to be eligible.
3. The referrer must have permission from the referee to make the introduction.The Referrer will indemnify Icon Partners for any loss or claim as a result of referrer’s failure to receive permission from the Referee.
4. The referee must be new and unknown to Icon Partners to be eligible.
5. A ¥20,000 shopping voucher will be given to both the Referrer and the referee (for a total of ¥40,000) once the Referee has been placed in a new role and successfully completed probation period.
6. Candidates must have been placed (signing of an official offer) within six months of introduction to be eligible.
7. ¥20,000 shopping vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and we reserve the right to change the type of vouchers at will.
8. Icon Partners will make best efforts to contact candidates eligible for rewards, however ultimately the responsibility to claim the reward lies with the candidate.
9. Staff and next of kin affiliated with Icon Partners are not eligible to participate in the scheme.
10. Eligibility for this offer is at Icon Partners’ discretion and our decision is final.
11. Icon Partners reserves the right to terminate the scheme at any time.

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