closed【外資系・製薬】Supply Planning & Warehouse Management

closed【外資系・製薬】Supply Planning & Warehouse Management

ポジション名: closed【外資系・製薬】Supply Planning & Warehouse Management
雇用形態: 正社員
勤務地: 東京
給与: 700万円~950万円ほどを想定(スキル・ご経験などに応じて決定)
リファレンス: Y10037
担当者名: Yuta Tamamoto
求人公開日: January 12, 2020 09:00



(Sales point)
- 在宅勤務制度
- コアタイムなしのスーパーフレックスタイム制
- フラットな雰囲気の職場

勤務地/ Location:東京都

職務概要/ Job Content:
Strategic (Frequency: 3/6 months)

  • Provide long term forecasts for annual budgets and long range planning
  • Maintain FG inventory norms
  • Coordinate with sales and marketing team and distribution team to capture voice of customer and monitor customer service levels
  • Collaborate with the Supply Planning team at CMOs & Own Plant
  • Maintain Warehouse space in line with Bridging Stock and current FG inventory
  • Quarterly Stock taking and provide required details to external Auditor

Operational (Frequency: Monthly)

  • Maintain hygiene and integrity of master data (inventory norms, transit lead time, outdated forecasts / orders, potential expiry / expired stock, unwanted sales orders / open deliveries, NPL indicators)
  • Review production plans prepared by CMOs by assessing impact on FG inventory across the pipeline
  • Share inputs on fine-tuning the CMOs production plans based on prioritization among SKUs
  • Escalate cases of sudden additional/reduction in demand with back-up analysis to the demand & planning head
  • Monitor FG inventory across the pipeline (market warehouse, in-transit & CMOs)
  • Drive initiative to liquidate the same with respective sales teams
  • Create dispatch plan and ensure adherence
  • Enable documentation and clearance to ensure timely dispatches
  • Track dispatches from the warehouse and suggest change in mode as required


  • 5年以上の医薬品業界での就業経験
  • CMOのマネジメントのご経験
  • 英語力:中級レベル(TOEIC 500点以上が目安)