closed【外資系・化学】Toller and Asset Management Manager

closed【外資系・化学】Toller and Asset Management Manager

ポジション名: closed【外資系・化学】Toller and Asset Management Manager
雇用形態: 正社員
勤務地: 関東
給与: 1200万円くらいまで(スキル・ご経験などに応じて決定)
リファレンス: Y10190
担当者名: Yuta Tamamoto
求人公開日: April 28, 2021 09:00


企業/Company: 大手インフラ用化学品企業

勤務地/ Location: 神奈川県

職務内容/ Job Content:

  • Establishing robust toller management structure, included contract management, quality control, adapt PS quality and EHS standard, cost controlling for conversion cost, and continuous improvement for tollers.
  • Co work with marketing to guide new product set up on site to sharply start up without much dispose.
  • Inventory control for both party to be optimize material cost and find cost efficient solution to keep win with situation.
  • Project management for production, taking lead finding supplier, negotiation, total project cost management. Involving project team to keep project timeline.
  • Asset list update by annual bases. Refresh asset list on time and allocate depreciation and settle period of asset.
  • Develop capex strategy and annual capex submission in line with RBU.
  • Safety is mandatory to be assessed when installed new equipment.
  • Coordinate Toller EHS audit and coach them to meet our company expectation


  • 3-5 + years experiences of Toller management (cost, quality, sustainability, capacity improvement, continuous improvement, EHS, contract)
  • Strong communication skill in both Japanese and English
  • Team player


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