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What services do we offer?

We are a full service executive recruitment and introductions agency offering a range of service options to suit our clients' needs. We will advise you on which option is best for your situation depending on the urgency of the hire, the degree of specialization, degree of confidentiality and degree of difficulty of the hire and of course the hiring budget and the degree of resources you would like us to dedicate to the search. The following are the main service options for mid-career hires:

  - Fully Retained Search

  - Contingency-Retained Search

  - Exclusive Contingency Search

  - Contingency Search

  - Outsourced Staffing (Haken)

          *We are licensed to provide both paid recruitment services and temporary staffing services:
​             Recruitment License No. 13-ユ-302001. Temporary Staffing License No. 般 13-305592

Why are we different?

Our People Policies: We are in the people business, so we start by getting the mix right, here on our own doorstep. We are  highly selective about who we hire, focusing on passion, integrity, language and cultural skills, intelligence and a never-give-up attitude. We hire for personal skills and character  and train for technical skills. We deliver thorough induction training and ongoing professional development training to our staff,  both in consulting skills and business sector knowledge. We provide both individual coaching and group training to our managers and emerging leaders and we set the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. These policies all contribute towards the creation of a very stable work force, meaning greater continuity and service integrity for you, our clients.

Specialization: As a true specialist agency, with 100% of our resources dedicated to Logistics and Supply Chain Management recruitment we bring a greater level of understanding, matching ability and of course candidate sourcing ability to each search than our competitors are able to do. Our specialization allows us to offer a greater range of logistics and supply chain career opportunities to our candidates, meaning more satisfied candidates and more word of mouth referrals to new candidates, creating a virtuous cycle.

Methodology: We have no internal candidate "ownership", meaning that for every new candidate, multiple recruiters can present them with opportunities, all within the strictest parameters of privacy of course. This in turn means a greater number of possible introductions to our clients. Additionally we have no client account "ownership". We recognize the value to our clients of having a capable and stable account manager appointed to them, but in the case of some of our very large clients making considerable numbers of hires per year we often have two or three consultants dedicated to the same account, enabling us to bring talent to our clients' attention in an efficient and timely manner. Additionally we maintain a high ratio of research and support staff to consultants, bringing greater sourcing power to the front line, where it is needed.

Real-world Service Ethic: As an established recruitment service provider with over 10 years history serving clients in Japan we are well acquainted with the challenges of hiring good staff in a market where top talent is always in short supply. With the experience of many thousands of customer interactions over the years we understand the pain points and frustrations clients often face when working with agency recruiters: A lack of understanding about the roles, rapid turn-over of agency staff, slow feedback and broken promises. We structure our hiring, training, performance management, rewards and job fulfilment methodology around limiting and eliminating these pain points so that clients choose us because we're easy to do business with: Well trained and highly motivated staff, 100% specialization,  solid fulfilment methodology and pain-free client service are what make us different. ICON = Inspirational Consulting. ​​

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