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Writing a Resume

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There are many ways to write a resume.
It is important design your resume with enough detail to give a great first impression to the reader, but compact enough to keep them interested and make your background easy to understand at a glance.

Preparing an excellent resume over just a good resume could be the difference between you gettting an interview or not, and can lead to a higher overall assessment and even a higher salary.

It is also important to consider the background of your audience. 
Perhaps the hiring manager is a foreigner and who doesn't understand Japanese well?
Or maybe the resume is screened by an HR manager first whose English is not perfect and can the best understanding of your history with a resume in their native language.
In general, the minimum we need is a Japanese resume (職務経歴書), and it is recommended to prepare an English version too. 
We also recommend you create your resume in Word format (e.g.  .docx), not excel. 

It is important to include:

  • Clear, logical explanation of your tasks and areas of your responsibility
  • Size of the organization/scope (size of budget, how many locations etc)
  • Staff management size (direct and indirect report)
  • Examples of performance/Achievements (Using data such as % and Yen reduced) - Often companies fail just for not having these details
  • Focus mainly on your job experience, not other sections such as "About" or "Summary" etc
  • Include many relevant keywords to relevant to your job to give easy understanding

Below you can see a basic resume with some points to consider to get the most out of your resume. 
Please note this resume is quite basic and you can go into more detail!
A resume does NOT have to fit onto one page. 

You can download a word document file to as a template here:  

Example Resume.docx

Size: 33.2 KB

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