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Icon Partners is a specialist logistics and supply chain management recruitment agency, focusing on mid-career placements in mid to senior management level roles.
For many of our candidates, it is the first time they have made a career change or moved to a new company.
We recognize that as logistics or supply chain professional you are an expert in your field. Similarly, we are experts in the field of helping professionals like you to make advantageous career changes.
Good HR consulting is not simply a matter of processing resumes. It is about asking the right questions, understanding the needs, motivation and priorities of all parties, helping to bridge communication and cultural gaps, managing communications between parties in such a way as to avoid misunderstandings, and helping to manage the stress and emotions of all parties as we get down to the offer negotiation and closing stage. Our aim is to help our clients to find the right staff to help them to maintain a competitive advantage, to help our candidates to find the right environment in which to deploy their talents, and to have both parties feel warm and positive about the resulting match.

Below is an outline of the consulting and introduction process, but if you would like more information about how this works, please do not hesitate to contact us.​


Job Introduction Process

1. Application
 Apply directly to one of our job postings online, or register as a candidate and submit your resume through our web site.

2. Initial meeting If your application matches the needs of our clients, or if your skills and experience are within our area of speciality you will be contacted to arrange a phone interview or a face to face meeting with one of our consultants or managers to discuss your application.

3. Introduction to client If we have opportunities that are suitable for you we will discuss the details of the client companies, roles and job descriptions with you. After receiving your permission to proceed we will go ahead and  
introduce you to our client.

4. Interview Process Client Interview Process -  If your application was successful, we will work closely with you and our
client to arrange interviews. We will communicate with you before each interview to help prepare you for it, and contact
you after each interview to hear your feedback. Please note that in order for us to represent you properly it is vital that
you maintain good contact with us, and respond to e mails and phone calls from us.

5. Offer (and negotiation) If the client wants to make an offer of employment to you, we will assist in negotiating a  
mutually acceptable salary package and employment conditions. We will help you to understand the details, and continue
to cooperate with both you and our client to make sure that you have all the information necessary to make a final

6. On-boarding and After Care Once you have signed an offer of employment, the client's HR department will contact you   to arrange the details of your on-boarding. We will stay in touch periodically during your probation period to make sure    
that you are settling in well to your new role and stand ready to help and give advice wherever needed.

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